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Making it happen — for real

KUDAYO currently offers personal training, martial arts classes, and workshops for yourself or for your office. Check out the class descriptions below to find out more about what we offer.


Four Classes in One
Yang Yoga  •  Kung Fu  •  Yin Yoga  •  KUDAYO Academy

The KUDAYO Kung Fu class is divided into three independent hour-long sessions and one alternate session held at a separate time/place, so you can choose what you want to train. You can enter and leave any session to tailor your own training. See class times 

The first hour is YANG YOGA, where you warm up and mentally prepare for kung fu training, but may be taken as a solo yoga class. $10

The second hour is KUNG FU, where you train in the art of self defense. $15 (price includes the mandatory Yang Yoga session immediately before)

The third hour is YIN YOGA, where we move into deep meditative stretch. $10 (may be taken as a solo class)

Collectively, this is treated as one three-hour class. $20 (price include all three sessions taken consecutively)

The fourth session, separate from the main class, is KUDAYO ACADEMY, where we move beyond martial arts and into complementary skills and intellectual pursuits. $10 (held at a separate place/time but part of the KUDAYO Kung Fu training).

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Private Training for Dancers

Raise the barre • Make a pointe • Perfect your art

Available by appointment at Whidbey Island's Island Dance
$45 per hour private session.

Yin Yoga Flow

The Deepest, Most Thorough & Relaxing Stretch

Yin Yoga Flow is quite possibly the deepest, most thorough, and most relaxing stretch for your entire body available.


Without strain or effort, simple poses stretch every joint throughout their full range of motion. In typical Yin Yoga style these poses are held softly for several minutes before flowing to the next. However, in typical KUDAYO style, the dancer's principle of stretching every transitional angle fills the flow between poses creating a completeness like no other stretch.

Increase long-term flexibility
Improve circulation and lymphatic system flow
Relax and relieve the day's stress
Sleep better

Ideal for post workout recovery or end-of-day relaxation.
NOT recommended prior to strenuous exercise.


Achievement through great effort

KUDAYO Kung Fu embodies the meaning of "kung fu" — achievement through great effort — disciplined mind and body training to attain mastery of a chosen art; in this case, martial arts, and then some. We use the Taoist Five Elements and Yin-Yang/Taiji as metaphors to inform and organize our practice. This class is both practicle and academic. This is not a fitness class, but rather a study, a discipline for personal growth and ability; to defend, to self-control, to healthfulness, to artistic expression.

KUDAYO Kung Fu incorporates multiple martial arts styles, yoga, qigong, even some ballet, gymnastics, and parkour; openhand defense, hand weapons (jian sword, monkey staff, spear, monkey's fist, knife, sticks, found), ancient living skills/arts/crafts, history, philosophy, nutrition, etc. It is interactive, dynamic, and engaging. It takes a serious student to reap the benefits.

Build self-control
Take ownership of your training

During the summer we train outdoors at KUDAYO Campus, rain or shine.
Otherwise, we train at Whidbey Island's Island Dance
Tuition $15/drop-in, $10 with class card, workstudy available.
Class times pending.

Kudayo Five Element Yoga & Qigong Workshop

Strengthen Core & Root – Improve Balance & Breath Control

Office Fitness

Workplace Ergonomic Yoga

Office Fitness brings better health to the workplace through short "yoga" sessions focused on correcting common ergonomic issues that you can do at your desk in your business attire.

In 15 minutes everything — from fingers and eyes, through the spine and legs, all the way down to the toes — will get reactivated, stretched and strengthened; all without breaking a sweat.

Reduce mental and physical stress
Improve circulation
Rejuvenate without caffeine

Recommendations: Wear the most giving, employer-approved clothes possible. Restrictive clothing will limit the benefits you experience.

Contact us to schedule a session for your office.

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